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Individual + 1 Accident Insurance Policy


Colonial Life's Group Accident Insurance Policy for an Individual Plus Spouse/Partner. Charges are recurring and are billed MONTHLY. You can cancel your membership at any time.

For applicants NOT residing in New York State.
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Product Description

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere—at home or at work, on the playground or on the road. Some of the most common injuries include:

* l Broken bones
* l Burns
* l Concussions
* l Lacerations
* Back or knee injuries
* Accidental injuries that send you to the Emergency Room, Urgent Care or doctor’s office.

Colonial Life’s Group Accident Insurance helps you fill some of the gaps caused by increasing deductibles,
co-payments and out-of-pocket costs related to an accidental injury. With this coverage you may not need to
use your savings or secure a loan to help pay those unexpected out-of-pocket expenses associated with a covered accident.

We will not pay any benefits for losses that are caused by, contributed to by or occur as a result of: felonies or illegal occupations; hazardous avocations; racing; semi-professional or professional sports; sickness; suicide or injuries which any covered person intentionally does to himself; war or armed conflict; in addition to the exclusions listed above, we also will not pay the Catastrophic Accident benefit for injuries that are caused by or are the result of: birth or intoxicants and narcotics. The covered person must incur a charge and the certificate must be in force for benefits to be payable.
For cost and complete details, see your Colonial Life benefits counselor. Applicable to policy number GACC1.0-P and certificate number GACC1.0-C (including state abbreviations where used, for example: GACC1.0-C-TX). This is not an insurance contract and only the actual policy provisions will control.


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